The 2Chicks have flown the coop!

If you are a reg­u­lar reader of this blog, then you’ve noticed that we’ve been quiet for a while now. That’s because there has been a whole lot of change happening.

I firmly believe that change is good. Change leads to growth and lots of new, bright shinny things. And that’s exactly what’s going on with the 2Chicks. Y and CaZ are so focused on their sep­a­rate com­ings and goings that 2Chicks has become low-business on the totem pole.  But it’s all good, dear reader. It’s all good.

You’ll find that most of the links here will con­tinue to work. Many links will lead to CaZ’s new site, Home­BizS­marts. With Home Biz Smarts, one of the 2Chicks will con­tinue to pro­vide resources and ser­vices for small and home-based busi­nesses. Some links, notably guest posts and Seal of Approval award pages, will remain here. And still other links will lead to a redi­rect page, pri­mar­ily because the mate­r­ial does not fit within the scope of the Home­BizS­marts man­i­festo. If you have spe­cific ques­tions about resources you expected to find here, feel free to con­tact me.

I hope you’ll stop by Home­BizS­marts or Writ­ing­Bytes and stay in touch on Twit­ter @candysbytes. Yolanda’s sites are Marketing:Unhinged and Red Hot Momen­tum.

Work from Home Experts CAZ SignatureMean­while, by way of say­ing “thanks for all the fish”, please reg­is­ter for this free e-course with my com­pli­ments. The Baker’s Dozen Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Pil­lars eCourse.


Do You Bring a 9 to 5 Mentality to Your Home Business?

I’m down for the count…a cliched term that describes my cur­rent situation—flat on my back nurs­ing a seri­ous mus­cle strain. Yes­ter­day when the pain became tol­er­a­ble and my grow­ing work­load intol­er­a­ble, a friend made me laugh with her casual com­ment about how unlikely it is that she would be allowed to work lying down in […]

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Do You Have Computer Eyes? 3 Tips to Avoid Fatigue

Editor’s Note: Got a home busi­ness? Then you likely work on a com­puter. Here is a great ‘view­point’ that all of us who spend an unhealthy num­ber of hours gaz­ing at a win­dow to the vir­tual world should heed. Enjoy the great home busi­ness infor­ma­tion pro­vided here from Health and Move­ment Coach Jen Waak. Thanks, […]

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4 Tips to Overcome Launch fatigue

Nope. Not talk­ing about the aging Space Shut­tle fleet. The type of launch I’m talk­ing to you about today is the online mar­ket­ing push of new prod­ucts that hits your in box, twit­ter­sphere, and every other con­ceiv­able social media stream you fol­low. If your sub­scrip­tions are any­thing like mine, there are days and weeks when […]

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Four Ways Social Media Can Help Your Home Business

Editor’s Note: 2Chicks are really happy to be part of Grandma Mary’s vir­tual book tour. No one knows how to make run­ning a home busi­ness more fun than Grandma Mary! We hope that you enjoy Grandma Mary’s guest appear­ance on the 2Chicks blog page! Hi. Grandma Mary here.  Thanks Yolanda and CaZ for let­ting me do […]

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What Kind of Work from Home Character Are You?

Recently a friend sent me a link to one of those cool char­ac­ter analy­sis tests. Since I really am a sucker for these things and the quiz was short, I took it. The pro­gram is called HOTS and it turns out that the results are actu­ally both kind of fun and very reveal­ing. The way […]

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Sex and Winning Business Negotiation

Editor’s Note: This is the sec­ond arti­cle in a series that con­tin­ues to explore the topic of nego­ti­a­tion. Have you bar­gained for any­thing yet today? No? Then I expect you’ve been alone in your home busi­ness office all day. We nego­ti­ate in lit­tle ways almost sub­con­sciously. I mar­vel when I watch my good friend nego­ti­ate with […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Prisoner to Home Business Deadlines

Have you ever won­dered why we call a dead­line a dead­line? The word as it’s used today gen­er­ally asso­ciates a time limit to a project. But have you ever thought about where it came from? What its orig­i­nal def­i­n­i­tion was? Yeah. Think about it. It came into the lex­i­con mean­ing a true ‘dead’ line; a […]

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5 Things Rockhounding Can Teach You About Building Your Home Business

So I went rock­hound­ing. Yes, me. (For the unini­ti­ated, rock­hound­ing is col­lect­ing rocks and min­er­als for recre­ation). Like any­thing else I get myself involved in, it started with Dan… Dan:   “Let’s do xyz…” Me:      “Okay, sure, why not…” So off we go to rock­hound. Have you done this before?  If not, let me say up front there […]

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Home Business from Anywhere in the World: 5 Must Have Traits

It’s About More than Free­dom… Unques­tion­ably, one of the biggest draws of work­ing at home is free­dom; the free­dom to traipse around the house in your fuzzy bunny slip­pers, sleep in till noon, and work at cafés while sip­ping on mocha­ci­nos. And as a work-at-home pro­fes­sional, you have an oppor­tu­nity that few cubi­cle dwellers have […]

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